No filters yet, so anyone make a air vent with fan?

Since there’s no updates on filters and I haven’t been able to use my GF much without it. I’m looking for some guidance to anyone that may have made something to mount in their window to vent and aid the movement of the exhaust air.

I’m thinking of somehow mounting a small fan to a board of wood to put in the side of the horizontally sliding window and connect the hose to that fan to act as suction on the exhaust.

just search VENT.
Lots to look at.

Lots of people have made their own. My wife wanted something that was prettier then what I was going to make so I got one of these:

Working well so far.

Instead of using board, I used EVA foam. It works really well, since I can easily put it in place and then remove it when I’m not using it.

I have an extraction fan, 25’ hose, and filter hooked up to my GF Pro. I still vent outside (just carry the filter and hose thru a door) for the most part, but it’s working great for me…