No instructions for purchased prints

I purchased the retro boombox phone amp in the catalog and it doesn’t seem to provide assembly instructions. Why is that? The assembly seems simple enough but still. Is there no assembly instructions for any other project in the catalog also? And when the design showed up in the ready to print page, it didn’t show the engraving design on the front piece like the engraving of the mixtape or the buttons. Why is that?

I saw a video on youtube of the printing and constructing of this boombox using the different colored acrylic and the person was wiping certain parts of the acrylic with some kind a liquid and scraping parts of the plastic off to show the engraving detail as a white color. How did she do that? What kind of glue do you use of you’re using the acrylic to make this project?

There are too many questions that come up which is why I’m really hoping there is assembly instructions.

Open the file, and look at the top of the screen for the little icon with dots in it:

Click on that and your instructions should appear.


oh my gosh, I feel so stupid!:joy: I can’t believe I was getting so upset :rofl::rofl::rofl:
thank you sooo much for the info and the heads up! I swear, I don’t know what I would do without this group.


I haven’t purchased this particular design, but it will show up in your app homepage as two different files. One for the acrylic work and one for the wood.

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic.