NO Laser Beam - Help ASAP Please

A few weeks ago my Glowforge Pro stopped aligning, it ended up being the black cable. That was replaced and fixed the problem. Fast forward to today, ZERO laser beam. Nothing is cutting.
We replaced the two lenses on the printer head hoping that would fix it. NOPE.

This is beyond frustrating. Nearly $6k and this machine is breaking at less than 2 years old. I see over and over again in the forums the many issues arising with the black cable and now laser issues.

Support, what needs to be done to remedy this laser issue? Thanks

The threads get closed out because they are being handled via email. Do you have a screenshot of the settings you tried on your last print? Also will help support to post the date and aproximate time of the latest problematic print. They will also ask you to attempt to print the gift of good measure on proofgrade material and proofgrade settings to help diagnose the issue.

Email is nice but these remedies should be visible in the forums…

Our last print was Tuesday 9/1/20 when the issue happened. It was mid print. Just stopped engraving.

Stopped as in the machine stopped or the head kept moving and the laser did not fire? A lot of them are handled via the support topic section but most are handled outside of it because they tend to require personal information to complete the support process. There is a really good chance your issue has been discussed here at length already if you search for laser not firing in the p&s section.

The laser stopped firing…it stopped cutting/engraving mid print…head kept moving thinking it was still operating. I have searched and see this is happening a lot. Unfortunately, as mentioned, the threads are closed and can never see what ends up happening or how it is resolved.

If that is the case, that issue is resolved usually by replacing the machine because it sounds like the power supply or the tube has failed. Sometimes it can be caused by the mirror in the head being damaged or another part of the optics path ie the windows mirror or lens. It is not a common problem imo. best of luck and hope you saved the box

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primal_healer…my issue is the machine shouldn’t be having this detrimental of an issue at such an early age especially when paying nearly $6,000…second issue is the lack and slowness of customer service/support.

You say the price as if I have not also payed the same price, not sure why you would mention that. I have been on this forum for quite awhile and have given you the best information I have on possibly resolving your issue without the help of support staff, maybe someone else has an idea. I have had nothing but positive experiences with customer support over the yrs and they have resolved my issues in an acceptable time frame imo. There is nothing more i can do to help so i’m going to check out of this conversation and hope the best for you and that the issue can be resolved without having to send the unit away.


When the machine was first envisioned, the tube had a two year expected lifespan.

Many people have been getting more, but depending on how much it’s used, it’s not completely unexpected for it to need to be replaced.


Hopefully customer service can help soon so we can get a resolution started…thanks for the responses!

What does the tube cost to repair? Any idea?

Tube replacement is in the neighborhood of $500. But you don’t know for sure that it’s your tube that needs to be replaced yet.

They will probably give you the option to ship it in for diagnosis and repair. They will let you know what the cost of repair is before they perform the operations, and it’s going to vary depending on what is wrong with it, so there’s no way to get a handle on how much it will be. At this point, you might want to track down your box and the orange bits just to have them on hand in case that’s the next step in the process.


They’re visible when there isn’t a duplicate email ticket. If people would read the pinned post and just do one or the other, we wouldn’t have that frustration.


Valid point. But people probably wouldn’t do both if they had a better customer service/support setup. It shouldn’t take several hours/day to get a response. If they are dealing with that many support issues, there is a bigger issue at hand or they are short staffed.

Don’t get me wrong, the machine has done a decent job the last 18 months but it is now running into multiple issues and it takes days/week to remedy them with support. If we in fact have to replace the tube, from what I have read here, people are having issues with that replacement timeframe as well (weeks-month!) with very minimal communication and detail.

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Don’t forget about the holiday weekend. That might mean the wait will be even longer. Does :glowforge: observe Labor Day?

Does support work on the weekends? I know we usually talk about “business days”.


Officially it’s “business hours” which is M-F, 8-5, PDT, no weekends or holidays.

You very often see them posting here outside those hours/days.


You are absolutely right! That is what I meant…

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When the black cable broke I was getting 1 reply every 24 - 30 hours during the week.

That’s expected. One business day for a response.

Hi @lindseyrumancik, I see you’ve also emailed us about this issue and we’ve responded to you there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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