No Laser on Brand New Glowforge

I set up my glowforge 2 days ago. I put the proofgrade medium draftboard in the machine and used the proofgrade settings to cut the gift of good measure file. It started out looking normal and then as the print continued the laser weakened and weakened. I have tried cutting a few other things and the laser is so weak. I am using the proofgrade settings for the medium draftboard. I tried another cut tonight and now no laser is coming out of the machine at all. The head keeps moving like it is printing but no laser is coming out. This machine is brand new. Yes, I tried cleaning the mirrors and lenses, there is nothing to clean in the crumb tray because it hasnt even cut anything yet to make the machine dirty. It is plugged into a regular grounded outlet.

Help is appreciated.

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The best advice I can offer.

  1. It is imperative you read the entire manual and when you are finished read it again.
  2. Do not rush the engraving/printing process. So many new owners want to run before they know how to walk. The majority of the time new owners are experimenting with the settings and it appears the laser is not working.

I would like for you to do this.

  1. Crumb tray is empty. Turn on your GF and let it do the setup.
  2. Put in a piece of draft board and make sure it is completely flat. The GF camera will recognize the draft board.
  3. In the interface go to the tip of the red arrow in the picture.
  4. Choose the shapes in the picture.
  5. Change the circle to engrave and the star to score.

If the GF does not cut, engrave and score— you need to contact support.

It sounds to me that they did exactly what they should do to let support see the issue. They didn’t change any settings mid-way through printing the GoGM …which is when the problem arose.


Thank you both for the input. Yes, the issue started on my very first print of the Gift of good measure. I am waiting to hear back from support to resolve this issue.

Sadly this sounds like crib death. The wait will hurt, but they will take care of you @katepeiffer97.

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