No-Math Focus Ruler

I’m new here and am reading a lot before I fire up my machine. (I’ve done the recommended set up).
So what you’re saying is to cut out this tool and then use it to physically measure the height of your materials without the crumb tray?

Yes. The tool give you quick information about whether or not your material is in the focus range. Once you are positive you are in the focus range, you can use the set focus tool.

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Thank you for this. Saves me so much time and headaches.

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You are quite welcome.

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Thank you. I’m going to try this out! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Hi… when I upload this into GF (i Know the UI recently changed) it’s making it very small. I sized it so the leg measured 2". Is that correct?

The file in the .zip archive loads at the precise size required.


@eflyguy is correct, it should load with overall dimensions of 1.839 x 3.013 inches, no adjustments needed.


Thank you sooo much! Math is not my Forte!


Great tool!


So I didn’t read the entire thread… So when I downloaded and printed the file I didn’t realize that it came out smaller than it should be. But I didn’t get a warning in the UI telling me that with the crumb tray I can only cut things that are .5 inches or smaller, And except without the crumb tray the object needed to be between 1.5 inches to 2 inches tall. (But then again maybe all of you knew that) So I realize this may be that sizing glitch. So I rework the file, made it to the correct size, made it all Vector And modified the shape so it would stand on its own. Life is good again.

GF ruler.pdf (345.1 KB)


Sounds like you have had a productive day!