No one is responding to my emails after 9 days

Hi I have had my machine since July and with issues with the machine and waiting for parts to arrive only to be shipped back at the border (Canada) and poor customer service, they have agreed to take the unit back. Now it has been 9 days and nothing. No one is returning my messages and it is extremely frustrating and poor service.

I am hoping by posting here that someone will finally get back to me to get this process started.


Did you get an automated reply to your email? If not, it either didn’t arrive or their responses are not reaching you. Posting here opens a support ticket too, so they’ll be along soon to get you squared away. :slight_smile:

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It is still on the same thread we have been communicating on for quite some time

Oh, sorry, I thought you’d gotten no response. :slight_smile:

Posting here creates a duplicate ticket, so they’ll close this thread and continue by email.

Well I am hoping someone will see this and start responding back. It is very unprofessional to not respond in anyway.

and no worries. I appreciate you helping. :slight_smile:

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Hi @laura4. I’m so sorry we haven’t followed up with you in a prompt manner. I checked in on your email and was horrified to see how long it’s been since we’ve last been in contact. I’ve done some research on your shipment, and I’ve just sent you an email to let you know what I found.

I’m going to close this topic now, but I’m keeping an eye out for your emails so we can get this resolved for you as quickly as possible.