No phone number is a real problem

December 19th I made a big decision to invest thousands of dollars in a laser and decided on a glowforge. Here we are the day of original delivery date and I’ve yet to receive even a shipping notice. I’ve sent 2 emails and have after 28 hours of the first email received a vague response of I’ll look into it and find out why you never received a tracking number. Now, the current estimated delivery is tomorrow and I still haven’t received a tracking number. Or a response back from said guy looking into why I don’t have a tracking number. I’m starting to get a little frustrated and I can’t find a number to contact any. Literally you, and by you I do mean you the company, should at the very least be able to pick up a phone and find out what’s going on with my order in a few minutes. So I’d really appreciate someone getting this figured out and contacting me today.

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For what it’s worth, remember they took nearly two years past the original delivery date to send us our pre-order machines. Deadlines are not exactly their strong suit, but they do make a simple to use product once it finally arrives.
Source: I pre ordered.

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Unfortuantely that’s not how their system works. Emails opened a ticket… Posting here opened a ticket… Typical reply time is 2-3 days. You’ll likely get your machine before you get their reply if tomorrow is the delivery date. :smiley:

This has been a sticky point since GFs began shipping.
On the plus side if you sign up for FedEx and UPS notifications you’ll usually get a notification from them (and most likely delivery!) before the official email shipping notice from GF.


What @ekla said - sign up for FedEx and UPS delivery notification apps, they will definitely be your best bet as the machines ship from a completely different location than the main offices so they only find out what the delivery/tracking info is after the factory has printed the label and forwards the info - and as you’ve found sometimes things fall through the cracks.

For the future - each email you send or post you make in P&S will slow down their response to you. They have to find/verify/close duplicate requests before they can respond to the first one - and they will always respond via email if you’ve used that as an option. 3 business days is the average and that presumes they have any useful information for you - they don’t send “we’re still digging” touches.

Once they’re a bigger company they probably will have phone support, but they’re (relatively) tiny so they don’t, but they’re very upfront about that.

Also to keep in mind, unless something special happened they only give an estimated delivery - so back to the top, get those apps and you’ll be much happier!


I’m so sorry you haven’t received a shipping update from us yet. I’ve sent you an email to follow up on this issue. I’m going to close this thread.