No response from Customer support for delayed order

UPDATE–after six days of support ignoring me, I have finally received a response that my order will be delayed yet another week and a half, so I have sent in an email for my order to be cancelled and fully refunded. It is unfortunate that the support team cannot provide simple customer service.

My delivery date has come and gone with no delivery of the basic model I ordered. I have been waiting for a week for an update on when I will receive my order. No one seems to care to reply about my delayed order. I’ve seen some people get emails regarding their order delay and a $50 credit issued to them. However, no one will even respond to my inquiries on the status of my order. I paid in full at the time of my purchase and was told that my order would absolutely arrive on time (I have all of my emails and chat sessions saved to backup this information). Glowforge when are you going to assist? I have even forwarded my email to Dan Shapiro with no response. Incredibly disappointing!

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You can check your target date, (which can be accessed by each individual in their personal Purchase History at ). It’s the best estimate until Glowforge gets word that a certain type of machine is ready to ship. Glowforge will send you an email directly when it ships.

If you want to know where it is exactly, sign up for UPS MyChoice in advance of the shipping.
(For Filter tracking and Repairs, the manufacturers might ship using FedEx, so signing up at FedEx Delivery Manager is a good idea as well.)

Yes, my delivery date has already passed. I’ve also signed up for FedEx and UPS alerts. No one at Glowforge can tell me how delayed my order will be…they just keep ignoring me.

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They don’t know on an individual basis, they get batch production information from the manufacturer and estimate based on what kind of machine is ordered.

I actually wrote up a rather lengthy explanation of what goes on over there, then took it down when I realized that people weren’t listening anyway. (Total waste of time.)

Glowforge’s policy is that they do not contact the customer until they have news to report. (Which makes sense because they can’t keep contacting everyone and deal with other issues at the same time.) Plan on a little delay, they try to service their customers in the order that they received the sales, depending on which models are in production. From watching the Live Stream this afternoon, there is at least a 3 week delay on new Basic model orders, the Pro and Plus models are currently available for shorter delivery time. (I think…it went by kind of quick. But they did give the information.)

They are trying to make as many of these as they can, but interest is still high, so you’ve basically got to get in line. (They are worth it though…well worth the wait.)

And if your order was a while back, I’d be keeping an eye out for the notice.

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I would also have to assume that they have a very high load of support tickets being opened at this time. When people email and post here they open two tickets, starting a new email opens yet another that support has to spend a great deal of time combining and figuring out before they can proceed.

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I’m so sorry you haven’t received the answers you need yet. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.