No return label or directions on how to ship back my replaced GF?

I received my replacement GF and have used the box to repackage my old one. Shipping was included in the refurbished price total. However, there is no return label or directions on how to return it. Unable to get a response from the GF team. Can anyone give advice on the process?

You probably got a email from them when they told you you were getting a replacement machine. In that email is a link you click on with instructions and also you can print out your return shipping label.
That is what they did when they sent me my replacement in October.


Thank you for letting us know you hadn’t received your return labels. I sent the return instructions and labels on the 10th and one of my coworkers resent it again on the 19th. I emailed you again with the information about a half hour ago. Would you mind checking in your junk mail folder? It’s possible, our replies are landing there and you are not seeing them. Either way, please respond and let us know.


I will look back. Thank you for your reply.