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I got a hold of the best representative with glowforge her name is Dawn mauck, and on the phone with her over an hour this afternoon we walked through the steps several different steps and we got my glowforge back online nobody on your support line could get me online nobody in the support website could help me nobody bothered to tell me that once the button turns teal you need to hold it down until it starts flashing blue and then try to hook it up to Wi-Fi.

If I would have gotten a hold of a live tech rep maybe they could have told me that.

Even my husband was frustrated hell he called your line a dozen or more times and couldn’t believe the b******* tech department is unavailable by phone!
then what the hell do you have a tech department for you’re useless!
As far as I’m concerned your tech support stinks. I will no longer reach out to glowforge tech support and I will let everybody know that I never got any assistance from tech department and for us spend over $6,700 on a machine just to get the runaround is a joke

I’m writing a letter to the corporate office and I’m letting them know that this lady with glowforge who helped me today on the phone and refused to just give up and help me go to several websites until we finally got the glow forge hooked to Wi-Fi.

The only people reading this post are users/owners just like you. Glowforge personnel do not monitor this forum.


So you couldn’t get anyone from GF to help but a lady from GF helped?
What am I missing here?


I’m guessing they were in contact with someone elsewhere online (like maybe Facebook) that offered to help them. Sounds nothing like anything that would happen with official GF support.


No I called GF PH# and choose option 2 sales and explained my frustration w GF the last 4 days.
She gave mer ph # and I called her when I got home n hr n half later she had connected and working!

This was a Glowforge employee in the sales dept.

Then why did you say you got no help from Glowforge? Sounds like you did.


By the way, there was a post in your other thread that said “when the teal light is flashing” and referred you to a video which walks you through the setup. Set up again - #3 by evansd2


Yes but it never said anything about holding the the button down after it turns teal color and wait for the blue light to flash and then it will reset the glowforge trying to get that out of somebody from support was a joke this lady was remarkable and she would not give up she was above exceptional

So actually you are praising the help you got which was tech support.


The procedure you’re describing is included in the setup videos that Glowforge provides for you to reference during the setup process, so Glowforge actually provided the help you needed BEFORE you actually needed it… Hmm. :expressionless:


Yes I got tech support from my sales rep by selecting the sales department on the phone instead of the tech department cuz they don’t have no tech support I tried all the steps in the video it was not working this tech salesperson walk me through screens on glowforge website that I have never even seen and I’ve had my glowforge for 5 years with her help we were able to reset the whole thing and start over again
thank you all

And you JUST noticed they don’t have phone support? :thinking: it’s something that’s been asked for and never existed from the very beginning.


Thank you all for making me feel like a idiot!

OregonLady54. Don’t let people make you feel bad. I had a similar experience as you did. Went to tech support, filled out their email form. 5 days later someone finally did get back to me. This is their normal operating procedure. I’ve had my unit for two+ years and never did tech support provide quick service, or any service reply at all. Out of frustration, I finally called Sales to ask how they could ethically sell a product with virtually no support…. Didn’t get an acceptable answer for that question, but did also give me a person in sales that could help me resolve my problem. My take on all this is that sales is the only important driver in the company, that true tech support is seen as an avoidable expense. Other companies with great tech support are beginning to eat GF’s lunch. All that said, I will say as this technology is advancing, while I do like my GF and consistently performs what it was designed to do…… their competition is not only offering light-years ahead more options, true tech support (live rapid support), and many comparable units to GF at 1/2 to 1/3 less $$…… I am hoping that GF will come to realize they must adapt and add a terrific live tech support department (live phone service), or they will die on the vine. I want GF to live on and thrive well into the future, but they are their own worst enemy.

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Thank you very much for your support I appreciate it that means a lot because I’m not some turnip that just fell off the truck and doesn’t know crap I’ve had my glow forge for 2 years and this is the first time I’ve had any problems with it if it wasn’t for the sales department I wouldn’t have gotten any support

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