No tray lineup (v2)

Here is another take at the no crumb tray lineup that can return a material back to its spot when it was one the crumb tray and lined up in the corner. This v2 design is my misinterpretation of @evansd2 design suggestion but it works and I will try again on the collab :slight_smile: I actually like this design better then the v1 I posted with the feet for the crumb tray.

Yes, I do write with sharpie in the base of my glowforge. It comes of easy with magic eraser :slight_smile: And yes, I messed up a little on 3D printing the top of the edge of the piece but it still gets the job done.


Here is the tinkercad file


Looks useful, thanks!

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Hi, do you sell this physical item? If so, I would love to purchase it!

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If you want that prototype (the one in the photo) then you can just have it for the cost of shipping. I was going to throw it out. It works just fine but I already have another piece I made and am making others of difference designs. I just like finding different ways to solve a problem :slight_smile: Maybe one day I will make batches and sell them. Just DM me the address you want it sent to :slight_smile:


This is a wonderful idea!

A minor note: I’ve seen “braces” like this cause minor but hard-to-identify issues if they slightly flex the case. For example, I found an issue with camera alignment after experimenting with these on one Glowforge.

Just to say: if you’re using it, and you are troubleshooting something, be sure to check it out as a possible culprit.


That is great to keep in mind! I was not aware on that one. So what about thoughts on this other version from last week where the lineup is just using the foot slot from the crumb tray?