No way to scroll through print steps?

Hey there -

Is there no way to scroll down and up through all the steps on the left hand side? I have to take my page view down to 50% to be able to see all of them and change the settings. Can you please add a way to move up and down the layers/printing steps?

Also, when you go into the catalog to add something to print, and if you decide not to choose anything - how do you go back to the print screen? I’m not finding any way to go back???



I’m not sure how to do it with a “dumb” mouse. My laptop has touchscreen, So I can scroll it 3 ways. On the touchscreen with one finger, or scroll it on the touchpad with two fingers, or use my mouse with a scroll wheel to move it.


Click the “Home” button (to the left of the “Catalog” button). This will take you to your Design Library dashboard, which is where you should start new projects (using the Upload or Trace buttons), and is also where your previous projects are stored.
Or you can use the “back” page function of your browser to navigate back to the last print screen you were on.
When you are done printing a design, don’t erase everything from the print screen to start a fresh design. Click the home button, and start fresh with Upload or Trace (or click on one of your previous projects to open it - it will be in the same state as you left it).


Feel free to join the pleas for a scroll bar. It relies on the mouse wheel (or touchpad), which not everyone has. I use a marble mouse and it makes me angry every time I need to scroll in the UI.


Welcome @leandradipman to the forum. That scrolling through the operations has been a consistent issue.

What computing platform are you using?


Thank you!

I’m using a Zbook and Chrome for the app.

Seriously, Glowforge… It’s 2019. There’s no room in this world for anti-scrollitism any longer.



Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

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