Non-Continous Vector Cut and Scorching

I am trying to cut out the following svg that I made using Fusion 360 and Inkscape, but when I go to cut it, the laser breaks the vectors up into very short segments. The problem with this, besides increased cutting time, is that it will start a cut, move in one direction, then return to the starting point and cut in the other direction, which causes the material to start to smolder in that spot. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fix this? Thanks in advance!


Most things like this will need some “post processing”. Open in ai or Inkscape and edit where the lines begin and end.

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Look up cut path sequencing / cut programming on the forums here. It’s been discussed before. You have to open up the file in a program that’ll allow you to specify path direction.

Also if the paths aren’t joined together it may be treating them as a lot of individual segments.


It looks like you posted a PNG. If you drop the SVG into a ZIP and attach it here, I’d be willing to bet that someone will fix it for you and tell you how they did it.

The segmentation produced from Fusion 360 depends on a bunch of factors. One conversion flow is Drawing -> DXF -> Inkscape -> SVG. Which, does need some node joining afterward, I’ve found.

  • Ungroup the imported DXF object. (right click, ungroup)
  • Select all the lines and combine them into one object if they aren’t already. (Path->Combine)
  • Choose the “Node editing tool”. On my toolbar it’s the one next to the regular selection tool. Rubber band around all the nodes at once and choose “Join selected nodes” (Shift-J), it’s also a button the toolbar that looks like two nodes going into one on a segment.

That join operation might be too aggressive and join nodes that are too far apart. If it does that you’ll see some of the paths go wonky. If so, click Undo and do smaller selections (worst case, pair by pair :frowning: )


it was cutting a bunch of little segments because you had a bunch of little segments.

I played with it for a couple minutes and joined the horizontals separate from the verticals and the outside cut.

Here is what I did


Good luck.


Thanks! That did it. It looks like there were duplicate points that were over-layed onto each other.

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Thanks for the answer @hansepe, that’s right. Thank you to everyone else who helped out, as well!

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!