Non-disclosure agreement of an invention

Dear GlowForge,

I understand that this system is a cloud base system. However, if i have an invention that i would like to get patent, by sending this to the cloud, would that mean i just publicly disclosing the details of an invention?

I have already consulted with a few engineers, and their response is that,“by all mean of sharing or sending out information about your invention to a third party to get something done, work on, or help on without a NDA, the patent office will consider it as a public disclosure, and will not grant the patent”

I would like to know how this will play out with the cloud system? will Glowforge sign the NDA?

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We’ll have terms and conditions similar to a service like Google Drive, Dropbox, Hotmail, etc. that preserve your confidentiality.


I think a lot of people are confused about what a cloud service is. Just because they are uploading a file to a service like Glowforge doesn’t mean it is shared with anyone by default. You are just using their computers to do the heavy lifting in calculating the tool paths. Nobody is looking at these files. So that would not be considered Public disclosure. If that was true you would need an NDA from your service provider or phone company when you emailed or talked to someone on the phone.

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Public disclosure means you have to actually disclose the information into a public forum. Uploading to a cloud service is not necessarily public. If they are associated with your account and someone has to hack in to get them, that is not public disclosure. If you have more questions, you can PM me and I can get you the names of some Patent Attorneys I know.

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I really appreciate your help, do you mind if i can save your contact for later reference?

Thank You
Khoa Bui

Thank you @dan and @ianauch for your help.

No problem. Let me know.