Nonlaser things that I think GFers will find interesting

Here’s one:


Very interesting.

Now if I could just get my brain to focus on this screen without the use of cheater glasses :slightly_frowning_face:

That is really interesting! So if everything was blue, we wouldn’t need those glasses!

You were right, that was fascinating. We have seen examples of the brain “filling in the blanks” before, like completing the image when the eye’s blind spot omits information, but this is the first example and explanation of the physics of color refraction and how the brain “corrects” for it that I have seen. Very cool.
Thanks for sharing that!

Man, the scale that Lodge works at, that’s crazy.


I’m going to have to get some Borough Furnace pans now :slightly_smiling_face:

I really don’t like the seasoning that Lodge does now. I do the flaxseed oil polymerization process Borough uses. With Lodge I need to get the soybean oil burned out first - it’s a process. But soybean oil doesn’t get you the hard polymer coating that flaxseed does. Lived to see someone doing it commercially. I’ve got a couple kids who will be getting some cast iron Christmas presents :blush:

BTW, a cast iron griddle makes a really good pizza pan in the grill (like a Big Green Egg). It can get super hot and won’t quick cool when you drop a room temp pie on it

Oh this is fascinating and definitely not for me… combines my two biggest "no"s, heights and high voltage:

But yeah I watched the whole thing and now youtube is like “do you want to see more stuff about high voltage line maintenance”, which it turns out is a hearty yes.


Now I freely admit that no one is going to pay me to design power line equipment. But after spending a lifetime jury-rigging farming equipment, I can honestly say that mechanism and wheel attachment may be the worst designed piece of equipment I have ever seen. Something I would throw together in the garage if I had no funds and not what you would expect a powerline maintenance company could sell. The setup just screams for a redesign that would make it much lighter, quicker, easier to position and ensure derailing was a rare occurrence. Just because it works doesn’t mean it works well.

Cool video though.


I thought the exact same thing, the setup looked so incredibly janky that I was just shaking my head…

But now my opinion is that I’m being an armchair engineer here. The way they transition across a tower in particular showed why some of the decisions were made, and I’d imagine that these workers on the lines wouldn’t stand for it if it wasn’t an effective setup, you know? I’m guessing that they need a rig that can adapt to a lot of variable conditions and equipment, there are probably aspects to this design that make a lot more sense when you know the full operational requirement list.

I’d imagine OSHA would like a word with them, but that’s a different topic :slight_smile:


Haha, that’s nuts man. Wow, things are really moving in the robot world.

No joke. The perfectly synced flips were the most “inhuman” moment for me. Too identical, uncanny valley material.

Can you imagine an army of these things? I’m sure the military has plans.


“Terminator” comes to mind. :grimacing:


How could it not? Man’s propensity to weaponize any new tech tells me it’s all but inevitable. DARPA surely has shielding from an EM pulse in the works. It’s a brave new scary AF world.
The increasing gap between technological evolution compared to social evolution in my mind presents an untenable situation.
It may be that technological adolescence is difficult to survive. I think of that when I encounter the question of why we don’t see or hear from other civilizations out there.


Used to work within a few hundred feet of a huge Electromagnetic Pulse Generator. New Navy aircraft or aircraft with new avionics were tested directly under the source antenna. Intent was to harden systems against EMP. Every time they fired a pulse all the computers in my office would crash.


Pretty sure you got a superpower too, so that’s a bonus. Hope it was something good like flying and not like “I can smell pizza from two miles away”

Wait actually I might want the pizza one.


We were worried so had a doctor from Los Alamos Labs give a talk about the risks. He claimed there was zero effect because it was a different type of energy from radiation. Was a little concerned when he died soon after from Leukemia .

Knock on wood… It’s been decades. Last time I was in a hospital I was born.


Ok so I watched this twice and I’m still sort of unsure how they did it.