Nonlaser things that I think GFers will find interesting

This could easily be done with a laser.




I just read about this too…not long ago. Amazing!

That is a really good video. When I saw the beginning was in a graphic style I wasn’t too sure I would want to watch it, but it was excellent.

Just don’t tell me it’s hungry… There is a tree - I thought it was quaking aspen, but can’t find the information about it - that grows similarly to bermuda grass, but it’s all one plant. It covered several acres as I recall.

Yeah, whole mountainsides can be one aspen. Also very cool :slight_smile:

Just a random photo I bumped into again and thought serious makers would love…


I love the football helmet / hardhat. :smiley:


This is great, Jim Henson goofing around with puppets and character ideas.


A bunch of Aspens have sprung up in my garden all close together, to me they all look like part of the same tree and I’ve been wondering about this. I’m sure they must be!

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A rabbit hole you might find interesting…

Start with the second piece on ceramics (or not)

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Fascinating video on making a resin diorama; water sports with a twist!

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This is pretty crazy, an AI generated standup routine written in Jerry Seinfeld’s style, and then performed by an AI using deepfake-esque voice simulation to make it sound like Jerry performed it.

Nothing in this project involved Jerry at all, it’s wild.


Wow! That’s sorta scary well-done.


Yeah really made me think about how AI based chatbots are probably good enough that I may have talked to one on the phone by now and not known it.


When we get most of our information from a display, the ability to manipulate information digitally gave us a world where we can no longer believe what we see or hear. Humanity needs a sharp BS detector. Environmentally, it’s an evolutionary pressure. A new aspect of natural selection. :upside_down_face:
“The first principle is not to allow yourself to be fooled - and you are the easiest person to fool.” - Richard Feynman


Natural selection no longer applies.

Look at who has babies and who doesn’t.

Well, actually I guess natural selection is still in force, it’s just selecting for something different than you’d expect based on history. H G Wells’ Time Machine seems to have gotten it right.

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Oh, this is good:

Seems like it might be laserable… certainly 3d printable, but I haven’t hunted to see if there’s a public file for it.

Hmm who did that braille project… Ah, @SeanK: