Nonlaser things that I think GFers will find interesting


Just in time for Fall, a giant spider.

WARNING! It’s very realistic and big. If you don’t like spiders, I recommend you avoid this video.

For everyone else, enjoy the making of a forged spider.


I love those kind of projects and I’m always amazed at the skills and artist talent people have. I usually like watch whole videos but I just had to cut to the chase on this one.

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wow… I didn’t watch the entire video either (just skimmed through to the end), but that’s some crazy amount of work to make that spider! It’s so cool looking!
Hmmm… I might need to make a big spider (not the same way they did, though lol). :smiley:


Creative AI is moving quickly:


Yeah, check this one out, has Menyr crossed your radar yet?

Check out the dungeon generator:

All of their videos are really remarkable:


I hadn’t seen Menyr before. Pretty impressive!

It seems like all of this stuff is being adopted pretty rapidly by the TTRPG community.

I heard about someone talking about the future of AI-generated things, he said that he could see a future where video games are made from AI from the ground up. Meaning that you create a video game from nothing — the AI invents rules and interface and the entire game is one big generated thing. I wondered how realistic that was, and now that I’ve seen Menyr, I think it might be possible sooner than I thought.


We seem to be rapidly simplifying so much of the process that takes huge teams of people, like asset creation, voice acting, world building, music. What’s still missing is the DM… A great game has a compelling story with interesting characters.

I don’t think that’s terribly far away though. The language models are getting larger and more capable all the time. A bit of narrative coherence and stories will be generated interactivity with the player.

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Ai dungeon is pretty cool. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s basically an interactive story engine, like a human DM.

I haven’t played it in a while, I heard it’s gotten much better.


Yeah it’s fun but lacks the coherence of a long story. Imagine if the AI could track characters, events, and story arcs and maintain then while interactively adjusting to the player. Characters would remember you and you would see how your actions affected their world.


Fun deep dive into how weird our calendar is:


That was an entertaining read, and it gives an insight into the amalgamation we have cobbled together across ages to keep track of time.

So the division of longitude dictates time, a system needed for accurate navigation. The alien asks “What time is it at the poles?”
“Oh, that depends on which longitude you are facing calculated from GMT.”
“Wait… What?”


“What about in Newfoundland? How about the Marquesas? And What’s up with the Line lslands and Jarvis Island?”

Newfoundland and Marquesas are on half-timezones.

The Line Islands are further east than Jarvis Island, yet they are a day ahead. It’s crazy, there’s a 26 hour difference between the Line Islands and Tonga. Time zones get weird in the south Pacific.



That is weird. OK, that Line Islands date line is pretty bizarre. The hotel we stayed at in Puerto Nueve had prominent signage alerting you that you were in a different time zone from the airport you were going to fly out of just a few miles down the road.


It’s crazy that we can do this sort of thing… bullseye on an asteroid that is orbiting another asteroid.


AND document the whole thing from different perspectives!


Most people don’t recognize the last minute until after it has passed. Here’s a couple who did see it, and had the skills to do something about it.


Wow, that is scary.

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Wow. Plus the black mold which causes health problems as well. So glad they wore respirator masks. And even happier it was them and not me!