Nortons Got Rude Tonight

To Long Who Reads Things version -> A new and improved safe search function was pushed to me by Norton 360. Thankfully I was able to figure out that it broke the Chrome Glowforge UI and removed it.

Norton 360 popped something new for Chrome on me tonight.
Some new and improved safe search and also the secure system for remembering passwords (which I always remove and never use).

Luckily, I had just punted a design to bOb and it worked fine. I saw a minor issue so I backed out.
While out of the UI, the Norton popup arrived, and I said sure, give me the new safe search extension. (only use chrome for the UI so no idea why I even accepted the new extension).

Then the minor change would not load in. Even went and made a pot of coffee and it was still debating the file.
Figured I broke it because I have been known to do stuff like that, so loaded the un-modified file back in. Endless debate for that one also.

So being the smarty pants I like to think I am, I said ‘Well d’uh. Wonder if it was Nortons?’
Sure was - got shed of that new and improved safe search extension and the file punted in fast as you please.

Figured it was worth reporting to the masses and the over worked staff.
If someone wants to load it when it pops for them and see if there is a configuration or parameter thing that would have fixed it, have at it.
Since I only Glowforge on Chrome, I have no desire to troubleshoot this new and improved Norton 360 feature.

DISCLAIMER: All this is just here for info and a PSA warning @staff. No ticket or response needed. If any further information is desired just let me know…


I stopped using Norton a long time ago. I now refer to it as the “Norton Virus” because of all the problems it causes. There are many much better, more proactive virus protection suites out now.


Ditto. I’ve nixed both McAfee and Norton AV because ISTG, they are creating more trouble with all the creative apps that I use than they solve.

Kaspersky Internet Security has never let anything through that I don’t want, and it never crashes the things I do.


Norton 360 is convenient with 5 machines running.
All get upgraded together and one fee to pay.

This is the first issue I have seen with it in about forever.

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other useful reports, go ahead and post a new topic.

Thanks for letting us know about this!