Not able to connect to

I’m in the middle of doing several engravings and my computer (all three of them) can’t connect to the glowforge app… (

are the servers overwhelmed? anyone else having problems connecting?

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I’m also experiencing issues.

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Ditto! :sunglasses:


guessing there are alot of us home from work today playing with our forges… wish there was an offline version of the app to use. I don’t get many opportunities to just sit and play.

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Having problems here too! Of course I have a ton of customer orders this week! :persevere:

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Yup. Me too. It came back up a minute ago, but wasn’t able to upload designs. The joys of being restricted to a cloud based solution.


So much for this page actually being a thing…


I am having the same issue too. I hope it’s resolved soon! I was in the middle of making for a cake topper for a wedding tomorrow.

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It must be quite the outage. Not even the regular website can load.

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Must be regional. Texas is working. (Chrome browser.)

Mine isn’t working either. I’m in New England

Upstate NY. Failing here, too.

I also can not get on. I was on earlier this afternoon with no problem,

Dallas, TX isn’t working :-/

Same here! I’ve been using it since 8am in Florida and it didn’t start failing until around 430.

I am there too and INCREDIBLY frustrated as I just spent 2 hours holding a client off until I could cut my files… only to come on and find that I can’t get on! This is why Cloud based software SUCKS!!

Hmmmmn. Houston seems to be okay. About to start a print, will let you know if it craters.

I am in TX in the Dallas metro too… not working at all for the last 45 mins atleast…

Negative. I am in San Antonio, TX. I am offline.

Not working in Alabama