Not accurate still after calibrating the camera

I was trying to cut a design and it was not cutting accurate, so I calibrated the camera and still after that the cutting is not accurate… any ideas?

I used set focus and Proofgrade materials… Help!! this is a 2 week old machine ( PRO)

Yes, that does appear to be falling outside of the acceptable range. Are you using the crumb tray in the machine? (Can’t tell from the photo.)

When you used Set Focus, did you click near the tail or the center of the design?

yes I have the crumb tray and I tried the “set focus” on different places and I get the same result, Im currently trying to cut something else and with different material

That’s good…posting that picture here (if it’s still off) will give support another data point to analyze as well. I think this is one that they are going to need to look into for you. They can pull your logs and see if anything is amiss with the optics. Additional pictures will help.

Keep in mind, the machine is only spec’d to give 1/4" precision, although many have seen better. You’re not that far off considering it’s at the extreme edge of the material. Vertically, it’s almost perfect.

I’ve taken a look at your recent prints and can see that your Glowforge is performing within our specifications. Do you notice this happening on all prints or certain ones? If only on specific prints, could you please let me know the date and time of them? I can also see that in some cases, it looks like your material may not be perfectly flat as it is stacked on other materials. This could definitely contribute to what you are seeing.

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