Not booting after the last microsoft update

Hi. My glowforge is not booting after the last computer update. Is there a software update for this? The lights come on but nothing else happens.
I have restarted it numerous times.

Thank you.

The Glowforge does not talk to your computer other than during initial wifi setup (where you actually connect your device to its wifi network that is only enabled during that setup process). It connects directly to the cloud, and can be accessed from there via any device that supports a web browser.

Your issue is not with Glowforge or the machine.


So the issue is with the wifi? Could you please elaborate?
I turn it on, the lights come on. There is no boot sounds or regular movement for focusing. Nothing. Just lights. That seems to be the machine to me. That’s why I ask for clarification.

(maybe the timing was a coincidence with the update. That’s why I associated the two.)

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That sounds like a wifi issue, but updating your computer would not have caused that.


Okay, I’ll check things out. I’ve never had it not boot from start up. I guess I don’t understand how wifi could be the problem. Maybe even after all this time I still don’t understand it’s process. (ugh!) Thanks so much!

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No problem. I’ll post an explanation following this, hang tight.


The machine (I’ll just call it GF from now) only talks to the cloud, thru a wifi connection - with one exception. When you first run the setup, or perhaps later change wifi and have to run the setup process again, it broadcasts its own wifi that you connect to with any supported device (laptop/tablet/phone) and tell the machine which of your existing wifi networks it should use, and provide the passcode. It then turns off its own wifi network, you will never see it again.

Once that is complete, your devices never talk to the machine directly. The GF is connected to “the cloud” thru the wifi connection you have specified. You could control the machine from anywhere on the planet, on any device that supports a web browser.

So, an update to a computer would have no impact on that connection. The machine is still connecting to your wifi, and the cloud from there. If that is failing, then the issue is either a broken wifi module inside the machine itself (will need to be replaced), or a problem with the wifi network and internet access. Again, updating a computer would not have any impact on those.


Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to troubleshoot today. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with the wifi, but the machine is broadcasting when I do set up, so that leaves me to believe something may be up with that. I have to wait until I have some help with the technical end Monday.
I seriously appreciate you taking the time to explain more than you know. :slight_smile:

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The start up sequence for the GF is:

  1. Turn on lights and inline fan starts up (note that these two components don’t provide feedback so the GF doesn’t actually care if the lights came on or the inline fan didn’t respond.)

  2. Look for printhead (which is a function that uses Wifi and does have feedback). If the machine determines there is no print head then the yellow light will turn on. However, if your machine is being blocked from determining if it has a print head (i.e. it does not Wifi connection and is therefore unable to determine if it has a print head) then it will just sit there waiting.

  3. Once it has found its head then it focuses and you hear the clicking from the print head.

  4. After it focuses it checks that the lid is closed and camera is responding before it then moved the print head to the center to try and center.

So, the reason why I would be confident it is a wifi problem is because you mentioned it just turns on the lights and then does nothing. That is because it is waiting for wifi to complete the next step in the start of sequence. If your machine had wifi and the issue was something else (i.e. issue with the ribbon cable or component on the print head), then you would be getting a yellow button.


You guys were absolutely right. I think the booster must have died, even though it’s still lit. I used my phone this morning as a hot spot and it worked fine. Thank you both so much!!
Off to get a new booster today. I’m so relieved! :smiley:
Seriously, this is the best community. I appreciate it so much!

(the coincidence of the update really confused me. I learned a lot with this thread. I’m kind of glad I had to ask. I think troubleshooting in the future will be much easier.)


Sometimes the devices just get confused with electronic gremlins and a turn off/turn on or turn off/walk away for a while to let it cool off/turn on works. One of my boosters didn’t like the room it’s in. It was overheating and causing all sorts of slow responses and disconnects. The room lacks airflow. Put a small fan under it and it’s a happy little guy.

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This helps too, thank you… It’s in a well ventilated space, but gremlins are gremlins. :slight_smile: I won’t be so quick to panic next time. I was sure it had become a paperweight.

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