Not cutting acrylic or engraving

Hello I really need help. Since yesterday my acrylic is not cutting. I thought it was a design issue but even the glowforge fonts are not cutting. its doing this. I cleaned out the machine took the parts out cleaned the little fan and all the cameras.

Did the masking in the lower part of the image catch fire?

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Its all masked. The laser head is not moving properly

That is clear acrylic.

The bottom of the picture looks like the masking and acrylic are charred and melted.

yes exactly that was suppose to be a 10X3 rectangle with the words engraved on it. The head is moving everywhere doesn’t make sense as to what is happening.

Have you recently removed the printhead and carriage plate for cleaning or inspection?

So the laser is firing and cutting the material, just not where it is supposed to? If so, turn off the GF and see if you can manually move the print head freely. If you can, move it to the back left corner and restart. Do a light test ( lowest power, highest speed) with a simple design (box, circle, etc) and see how if performs.

ok thanks trying that

I reinstalled the belt and then did a test square. It cut fine. Then when I went to do my project it engraved fine but didnt want to cut. For the cut step it’s just doing a very fast cut which is like a light engrave. Then I went back to do the test cut and it didn’t do that it just did the light engrave instead of cut. Any other suggestions.

Please try to print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material or cardboard using Proofgrade settings and let us know the results.

I tried it on proofgrade black acrylic and proofgrade maple plywood same issue with both. Its engraving but not cutting.

Send those pics to support, along with the time of the prints. It is likely the machine will have to be replaced.

This issue has nothing to do with the first post, that was a mechanical issue.

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Thank you for helping.

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I’m sorry that I left you hanging, I was traveling but it looks like you got great answers from the others.

Thanks! It was a stressful weekend for sure. I ended up resetting the WiFi on the GF. It was rainy here pretty hard. I’m sure that had to do with the issues. It’s working fine now. Surprisingly no one mentions that on any of their troubleshooting videos. In the past year of owning the GF this happened to me 2 times.


WiFi has absolutely nothing to do with material cutting thru. Once a job is processed and sent to the machine, it is verified for completeness/accuracy, then the job proceeds. You don’t even need a wifi connection from that point. You may have WiFi issues as well, but that’s just a coincidence.

Ok. It’s fixed now. Not sure then why.

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