Not cutting all the way through, will not set focus

I am strictly using Proofgrade material, but my glowforge will not cut all the way through even with the standard settings. It has done it with both acrylic and wood, like I stated both are proof grade materials. Also, every time I try to set focus, it comes up with an error saying it cannot focus, and it tells me to refresh my page and/or shut off my glowforge and try again, which I have done several times and it keeps happening.

Yes, I have already cleaned all the cameras and places that are recommended, and it still keeps happening. Has anyone else had these issues, is there an easy fix?? I run an Etsy shop and I have a huge order that is supposed to go out on Saturday, but I cannot cut the acrylic I need :frowning:

  • Side note, I have the Glowforge Pro, and have only had it just over a year… :frowning:
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Did the set focus problem begin suddenly today? Can you set focus on the honeycomb tray with nothing on it? Have you tried changing the lighting in the room. Sometimes direct sunlight or overhead glare can cause issues. Finally, how close to cutting through with Proofgrade settings are you experiencing with acrylic?


Just tried to set focus with nothing on the tray and it did the same thing, it came up with an error that says to refresh the browser. I have tried to use it at all hours of the day, even later at night so the light in the room doesn’t seem to be the problem. And it almost cuts all the way through, but not enough that I can snap the piece out without breaking it.

It may be that you’ve used your laser enough that the defaults need to be punched up a touch. You should contact support with pictures of the front and back of a failure to cut the Gift of Good Measure.

In the meantime, the most frequent cause of that particular failure to set focus is that one or both of the tiny windows on either side of the lens hole is dirty. Can you see the red dot hitting your material?


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