Not cutting proper size shown in preview

I have been on here so much lately.
I am having an issue that just developed today that the items I print/cut are not coming out at the proper size I sized them to before I printed.

For example, in my Glowforge preview, I sized an item at 6.25" wide.
When it comes out it’s 6.5" wide. I’ve went through about 2 sheets of baltic birch trying to figure this one out. This is happening with multiple items I print as well.

I did assemble a new carrier plate a few days ago, but the prints have been successful since the installation.

This is getting frustrating as I just posted yesterday w/ a different issue, which I have now resolved.
I feel like I have hit the point where I start having problem after problem non-stop.

Hmm strange. Definitely email about it.

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Might be a good idea to print the Gift of Good Measure, take a screenshot before and after printing (including the whole UI, not cropped), and post those along with a picture of what comes out of the Glowforge (matched up with another ruler, to show that it’s the wrong size). It is a strange problem indeed, but maybe someone here will spot a clue that way.


Did you clean your machine recently and/or adjust the belts? Something similar happened to me and the problem was I reinstalled the belt with a twist in it and it caused a scaling problem. Check the belts to see if they are installed properly and with the proper tension.


Are you manually entering a material height? The only thing I can think of that would cause this is an incorrect height, which would make the finished item the wrong size, but I would think it would also make the cuts wonky, so I dunno…

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