Not cutting round appropriately

I recently cleaned my machine top to bottom. Now it’s not cutting complete circles on the right side. Multiple files used, set focus applies, appropriate material used (1/8 wood &/or acrylic). Is it a belt tension issue? Too tight, too loose. Not sure. Hmmm

I’ve had that happen when I accidentally bumped the head slightly…it can only go so far to the right before it hits the side edge.

Try turning off the machine, then turn it on and let it do the startup calibration, then it should be fine for future prints. (If that isn’t it, you might need to move the design over slightly left.)


I would also double check to make sure the belt is on correctly. They can easily get twisted or be sitting on the wrong side of the pullies when re-installing them.


Hi, @janel My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

@Jules, @mprather, and @dklgood All had fantastic suggestions and went over all the basic first steps of troubleshooting that I would have recommended.

It looks like you have been printing alright since this post though. Can you just let me know if you are still having issues?

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