Not cutting through all the way cylinder hazy?

My machine is not even a month old and I am not doing anything different when trying to cut out a name on 1/4 birch wood. Now the name is cutting maybe 80-90% but not all the way ?? I also noticed the cylinder thingy in the back that has liquid in it used to be clear but now looks hazy almost smoky ? Is that normal ?

First thing to always check is to give everything a good cleaning using the instructions laid out here:

You’ll want to focus on wiping the lenses and windows.


ok thank you. Is it ok that the liquid cylinder is foggy and smoky?

I clean mine off because I don’t like the looks, but it won’t hurt anything to leave it smoky looking. (I wipe it periodically with a damp paper towel sprayed with a vinegar/water mixture.) While the machine is off, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, That’s just smoke deposited on the glass. I spray Windex on a paper towel and clean the tube and inside of the lid that way.
The haze on the tube has no effect on operation, but I prefer mine clean. The smoke gets deposited on everything, that’s why you need to keep the optics and camera clean.


Thank you so much 1 I had no idea that little blue thing was something I needed to save :frowning: i though it was just part of the packaging. Hopefully I can order a new one

hopefully you didn’t throw away all the packaging, too. if you ever need to send the GF back (warranty or non-warranty repair), you need to ship it in that packaging. and it’s not cheap to replace.

You can order the lens removal tool through the shop.

Another good reason for cleaning is that trying to burn through the debris on the windows and lens can permanently damage the optics, requiring those to be replaced.


Thanks for the suggestions @Jules and @PrintToLaser!

@sherriemarie1976, could you try cleaning as per the above suggestions and let us know if it helps?


No I kept all the packaging. I had put that little blue thing in my desk drawer not knowing what it was for and i literally just through it away a few days ago :frowning:

Heading there now to look for the tool now for the lens removal ! I did wipe the side windows down and cleaned off the cylinder i did not know it was just dust lol

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