Not Cutting Through and "Bumping"


I have two issues.

  1. The Glowforge is not cutting through the acrylic that I have been able to previously cut through. I have Cerulean Tides 1/8 acrylic in which it had been cutting through with just one cut. Even with three full power cuts, it is not cutting through now. It looks as if the laser has weakened.
  2. There is a “bump” that happens while cutting with a few of my files.

Any suggestions on how to resolve these issues? I did clean the laser head and the lens.

Thank you!!!

When something as common as acrylic won’t cut, the optics and fan are suspect. Make sure all of the optics are clean - don’t forget the window on the inside left side of the machine, Double check that the lens is clean and inserted properly (cup side up).

The “bump” is not enough info to help. With the machine turned off, gently slide the carriage forward and back. If it doesn’t move smoothly, inspect the wheels, rails and belts. Slide the printhead side to side also feeling for any hesitations. Inspect the wheels, belts and rails.


The head on mine will bump the right side in the very front. Looks like about 1/4" displaced, not a deal-breaker for me, I just stay away from that position.

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