Not cutting through completely

So I have not been able to come onto the forum as of yet to show any work because I’ve continued to have issues.
The issue now is the proof grade materials that I’ve been using (wood) is not cutting through when I have had it on a low setting. My settings were 150/67.

I have tried different settings and different materials and None of them cut all the way through.

I checked my lense today to see if it was upside down but for starters I’m not a 100% sure what is upside down. Secondly, if my lense is not upside down, can anyone please tell me what I can do in order to get the laser to cut completely through the wood?

I truly appreciate any and all advice on this and I promise that once I get this machine performing correctly, I will be posting some of my work to show you. Thank you.

What Proofgrade material? The default settings aren’t working?

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Should I leave it on the default settings. I was worried that it would char it?
The material is the medium maple hardwood

There are several things that affect the ability to cut . Even a fingerprint on one of the windows (or mirror or lens) will do it. The lens is dished on top and domed on the bottom. Having the correct height is also mandatory, the proofgrade mark will assign a height that should be correct, but any warping will mess that up so it needs to be firmly held down ideally with bedpins you can make yourself.

Maple has the least char of the many species, but there is some carbon that needs to be cleaned no matter what wood you are using.

Did you try the first three prints tutorial? That will help understand the process better. Start with those.

Well…you were spot on marmak3261! Thank you for that! I did everything it stated to do upon receiving my machine but I believe I lost sight of those settings that are preset for proof grade materials. Mainly because everything else I’ve had to work on has been trial and error.
I’m thrilled how this item turned out. Thank you again for the advice! As promises, here is what I was trying to cut. It’s a bookmark.


I’m glad you resolved it! Thanks @marmak3261 and @rbtdanforth! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!