Not cutting through Proofgrade material with recommended (or any) settings

Seriously worrying I’ve made a mistake buying this…

Arrived this morning, managed to get past the endless ‘homing’ issue, but now it wont actually cut or properly engrave anything!

I chose the design from the tutorial, put in the recommended ProofGrade material, confirmed the settings and set it off. Did it cut though the material? No.

It also cut deeper in the top left of the board and won’t even touch the board in the middle if engraving… The board isn’t bowed, and the crumb tray looks flat too.

I’ve tried everything, I’ve cleaned the lenses and mirror, I’ve tried other materials, I’ve done a camera calibration, and still I can’t get it to cut through GF material on GF settings with GF artworks.

Please, someone help? I don’t want to have to return this, it shouldn’t be this difficult!

Glowforge support will need to address this issue with you. Contact them by email or phone.


I’m having the same exact issue and now I’m starting to think there was an issue with a batch of printers or something cause it makes 0 sense for a brand new printer to not be able to cut through.
I can’t cut through any proof grade materials with the settings, same exact issue you’re having, I’ve sent them emails and they ask me to do some prints but still waiting to hear back from them!
Email , do a print on proofgrade material and print the “gift of good measure” tool and show them the front and back of how it’s not printing, I recommend you send this as your first email to just save you some time cause that’s what they’re gonna ask you for, I also sent them pictures of all my lenses in case they ask for all that too

If you get a response after that please lmk I’m desperate to start making stuff already and I already had to wait over a month for this machine for it to now not work! 6k for a machine you’d think issues like this wouldnt happen.

All machines - new or refurbished - are tested at the assembly facility. They have to be because the beam has to be aligned using specialist equipment on the bench.

So they leave there in working condition. Unfortunately - and this has been well documented - shipping companies often abuse them. My box was beat up and handles missing. It was being stored on it’s end up against a wall at the depot. Coolant had leaked onto the left side. Did not discover that until my exhaust fan failed and I removed the top panel to remove the broken fan.

It’s a delicate piece of high-tech equipment, and if mishandled can easily not function correctly on arrival.

Did you ever get yours to work? Mine came in Thursday, it will engrave ok but will not cut through proofgrade. I’m so aggravated. I’ve posted on here with lots of feedback and nothing has worked. emailed and called support, still waiting. I’m just sick over this.

Hi, I didn’t get the one I’d received to work, but after some emails back and forth with Support, they were able to work out there was a fault with my machine, and sent a replacement. My replacement arrived pretty quickly and is working perfectly. They then arranged the collection of the original machine.

Just keep on with support, via email.


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