Not Cutting Throw

After a long cutting work, noticed that did not cut throw. Loosed the all material. The file was automatically with the material that Glowforge did read on its on. HOW can I make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Make sure that all of your optics are very clean - windows, mirror and lens. Clean all of the fans. Make sure the material is held flat to the honeycomb tray.


Read Glowforge’s guide titled “Cut Didn’t Go Through Material” here:


I’ve developed the habit of using a piece of tape to try and lift the cut. Make sure you don’t move the material and you can run the cut again.


I have some old dental tools that I use to lift cut pieces to be sure everything is cut through. If you don’t move your work piece, you can cut again and not waste your materials. Do it every time you cut. :blush:


I use the edge of a square razor blade, they sell them cheap in bulk packs for window scrapers.

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I purchased the smallest shop vac and added some old CPAP hose that has soft rubber ends. It not only tests if the piece is cut, but gets rid if the tiny bits that don’t fall through the crumb tray.

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