Not engraving and sloppy

first pic is after i cleaned , tightened and checked everything … 2 nd pic is what happened right after … i am at a loss and loosing it … any insight would be nice , I tried to put a ticket in but its saying my email and password don’t match but they do …

For putting in a ticket you can send an email to

Before you do, see if you have the same issue running the Gift of Good Measure (it’s in your dashboard) on a piece of PG material. As that’s a :glowforge: provided design it removes a bunch of variables!

Then, presuming it’s still showing issues send them an email with pictures of the GoGM, and the time/date you printed it.

Post that here too and we can try to help more :slight_smile:


I would take your carriage plate off again. Check if any of the wheels are cracked, split or chipped. Put it back on and make sure the belt is in the correct place, the teeth are facing inward, and there are no twists in the belt. You can use the pictures here as reference for how it should go together:


Sometimes something moves the head (or stops it from moving). When you start up the machine it establishes a setting as zero and references everything from there based on its moves. So if the machine head is moved every move by the machine will be off by that much.

If you turn the Glowforge off and then on, it will reset and operate correctly until it is moved, or prevented from moving. Any loose belt will slip and give the same issue.


i used the same carriage plate on my plus and it works great , I think its something maybe with the arm

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Yeah, that’s the belt. There’s instructions on the link above on how to remove, and reattach. Check it for missing/cracked teeth while you have it off.

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