Not engraving fine lines all of a sudden

Today I went to make some items I just made yesterday and the items that had fine lines are not engraving today. I have rebooted it several times. The only difference I can think of was my premium expired, but I did purchase it and so I have it, but it still not working correctly

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You’re going to need to be more specific.
Are you using a piece of :glowforge: provided art?
If no, is this art that has engraved correctly before?
What settings are you using?
What material are you using?
Can you post your art?
Can you post a picture of your results indicating where you see a problem?

Art will be brightly coloured when it’s in the workable area - and dark red dashed lines when it’s outside it. Move your art until it’s all brightly coloured. If you’re engraving you can lower the speed in order to increase the available area.

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Hi there. I’m sorry to hear that you ran into some trouble with the print area of your Glowforge not reading correctly and engraving results. I saw you were working on this issue through chat as well. To avoid any confusion, or miscommunication, I will go ahead and close your created Community tickets. Thank you!