Not fair I feel

Im on a few different fb pages where a lot of people had issues after the last maintenance. While all the problems were happening I was doing fine with my pro. Right before everything was solved I got a stuck bed image it was two weekends ago. I saw on the other pages a lot of others having the same issue. Same time line as well. I reached out to support, they said it was my camera cable. They said they could tell by looking at my logs. I got the cable and installed it as per instructions. It didn’t work. I emailed back telling them the issue. Took two days but got a response for me to send pics of the installed cable. Was told they were bummed it wasn’t an easy fix. Cables were installed right. So they said they will send a refurbished machine. Dude I have the pro. I’ve only had it a few months. I know I’ve heard this from others but no it’s not fair. So please any advice. Ps. I have 5 kids that are 10,8,7,4 and-18 months old that have been home nonstop due to COVID. Not like l’ve used it a ton. I seriously only get to use it every so often. And now I have to get a used one. This does not seem right.

Warranty replacements are done using refurbished machines all across the electronics industry. And you’re actually better off, statistically, with a refurb – they’re much less likely to fail than a new machine. Glowforge matches you up with a refurbished machine that’s equivalent to the one they’re replacing, so you’re not going to end up with a machine that’s had heavy use for 2 years, if yours is relatively new and lightly used. It’s all going to work out – hang in there, they’ll have you back up and running soon!


I felt the same way when my first machine had problems. A refurbished unit? Really? Like trading your new car for a used one.
Then my replacement came in. I swear to you, it looked better than my “new” machine did, and since they had gone completely through it, it was free of any of the bugs my first machine had. They certainly made a believer out of me.


Hi @lrseverson,

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us, and I am so sorry you ran into trouble with your Glowforge. I think you’ll be quite pleased with your refurbished Glowforge Pro.

Inspected and tested for quality and function – each refurbished Glowforge will pass the same tests that a brand-new printer passes to make sure that it will print well and live up to your needs and expectations. Our technicians take lightly used printers and replace worn parts, perform a 36-point quality inspection, and do full diagnostic testing to confirm complete functionality.

I’ve just followed up with you directly in our email thread with more information, so I’m going to close this thread.