Not finishing a cut

I was using thick basswood from glowforge. when it cut my design it did not cut all the way thu.
It was like punching out paper dolls. and the wood would splinter off the back. before use I cleaned my Glowforge. because was happening on other glowforge settings. still not cutting all the way thu.

If the optics are clean and the fans are clean and the material is held flat to the honeycomb tray, Glowforge guarantees that Proofgrade material will cut with Proofgrade settings. Take photos and send to Glowforge and they may replace the material. Usually it is a good idea not to move anything after a cut and test to see of it cut through. If not you can run a second pass to complete the cut and not waste material.


Moved over to community support since this seems more like a challenge vs something you made that you wanted to share.


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