Not Getting a Reply with the Info we Need

I am basically posting bc per the description above the best way to get a reply is to post here AND email. I am usually a full glass kinda person, but am getting frantic at this point.

We have not had a reply from our email last week checking on our new replacement last. On June 3rd we reached out because the refurb unit replacement would not turn on. Which we received 2 days before that. On June 5th it was determined by support that a new replacement was needed. On June 5th an order for a new Plus was entered. It is still showing unfilled. We have basically been down since our original machine went out the middle of May and run a business with our machine! We have lost multiple customers because of this that we probably won’t be able to gain back in our small town. Our hope was that we would get this new replacement quickly bc your website even states that Plus machines can be to a customer in 48 hours. PLEASE respond and give us an update of when we can expect an approx ship date. We know once a shipping label is created there is a time line…but as of June 5th…it is showing unfulfilled. We are now dead in the water for Father’s Day. Sign.

Despite the troubles we have had with machines not working correctly…I love our GF and DESPERATELY want to get this resolved and on our way back to being a happy creator with a thriving business.

We just need to know some info on when the hold up will be resolved to get one shipped to us.

My husband’s account is the main user for our GF…I am the added user…if that makes a difference.

Thank you.

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I had a similar problem in that I sent in a pro just after Christmas and got a basic in return a couple weeks later. They immediately agreed it was a mistake and sent a pro out immediately so I would not have to wait for them to receive it. I sent the basic and received the pro a week later in the first week in Feb. That was very fast as they did not receive the basic till after the pro was sent, which would not be the normal procedure.

For all that needs to happen where they need to receive and look into your machine, the time passed is not so much, and they will reply to need for information to be gathered or told but have no time for hand holding when there is nothing new to be said.


Not correct. Support doesn’t “browse” this forum, they work tickets in a separate system.

Posting here opens a ticket.
Sending an email opens a ticket.

Tickets go into a queue and are worked in sequence. If you’re already communicating by email, they will close this and continue to work by email.


Actually, for the sake of others reading this, that is incorrect. What it says is that if it’s a problem that doesn’t involve personal information, posting here is best. If it involves personal information, then emailing is best. Doing both just bogs Support down with more duplicate tickets so everyone else’s help gets slowed down even more, so I don’t like to see erroneous interpretations propagated. :frowning:


I understand that for sure…and am not asking for hand holding at all…they are not having to look into our machine…they have already said it is something that isn’t able to be repaired and will need to be replaced with a new machine, so it is not a repair. The one that is not working is still here bc they told us to send it back once the new one arrives.

I have read in the GF support info to post here as well as email…so that is what I am doing. Definitely not trying to just whine or be negative. We were told a machine would be out to us in a timely manner and now have no info and have had no response.

So, based on what I read on here about reaching out to GF…I just thought I would try.

I think you’ll find that’s an “or”, not “and”, but no big deal.


Hi @afgsmith,

I am so sorry again that your replacement unit is arriving behind schedule. Our team is working hard to get it shipped out to you as soon as we can. Your patience is very much appreciated.

I just followed up directly in our existing email thread with more information about this. Since we’re communicating there, I am going to close this thread.

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