Not Happy At All - Waiting 3 years for a device that never comes and waiting for REFUND

I dont know about the other Happy Customers but I am not one of them. After having paid 4.000 dollars in february 2016, more than 3 years ago, I still haven’t received my device.

Being fed up with the excuses with every delay I have now requested a refund of the money paid 3 years ago. Almost 2 weeks after Glowforge promised to pay me back (without interest of course) I still haven’t received the money back in my account.

I’m so sorry for the delay - we usually process cancellations right away. I’m going to move this to Problems & Support and let the support team know so they can take a look for you and see what the holdup is.

I cannot really get it that I was still waiting for a delivery after …3 YEARS

I am eagerly waiting for the money to be wired back, had enough of the delays and excuses used.

We’ve just sent an email requesting additional details for your refund. Since this is personal banking information and deals specifically with your account, I’m going to close this thread. We’ll follow up with another email when your refund has been sent. I’m so sorry for the trouble.