Not loading. Stuck on Rendering Your Design screen

I tried different browsers, logged into different devices, and still this problem.

Try re uploading your file. Then when you open it, don’t copy/paste anything inside.

Thank you It worked. What a pain to reload all my files.

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I understand that these issues have been frustrating to work through recently, and I’m sorry we didn’t follow up sooner. I’m glad you were able to get unstuck with @lazurin’s suggestion, but I wanted to post here in case others come across this thread. Many people who expressed concerns over the “Rendering your Design” issues have been resolved with our team’s continued work to address the problems, but I’m sorry to hear you’re still having trouble. I have made sure that your report is in front of the right people, and that they understand how this is impacting you. The team will be checking in with regular updates as we keep working on this through the week.

Thank you for your continued patience. The team has made some additional updates to address this. It looks like we’ve been in touch via email since this fix was implemented, and you are now able to load those files. I’m going to close this thread now, but if you run into any other trouble please reach out and we’ll be happy to help.