Not looking good for us at all

The date have been push back to July now. I don’t know about yall but I am not happy about this. I would understand if Dan can refund us are money and still let us buy it whenever this product comes out. Since I been waiting over a year. I have read some bad reviews on line about this product now this is happening I am starting to believe the article and reviews I have seen. To keep us happy he should refund are money for now and let us keep are spot in buying this item since it been so long instead of gaining interest with are money lol.


Nope - not happy about the delay at all. And totally overwhelmed at the spectacular things this machine will be able to do after seeing that engraving. And the switchable head.

So at least I understand why it’s taking so long. Still wish I had it here, now more than ever. :smirk:


The 3d engraving looks totally sick!


I think everyone, including the glowforge team, is unhappy about this. If you’d like a refund, you can still get one. I don’t think saving the spot in line is really a reasonable ask, but I know others feel differently.

As to the reviews you’ve seen, consider the source. A lot of the bad “reviews”, like on Reddit, aren’t reviews. They haven’t used a glowforge and can’t speak to that experience. Its just an opinion based on a little information and some assumptions.

You won’t start seeing actual reviews until people start getting access to glowforge who don’t have a non disclosure agreement and can speak freely. Either units sent for review or, more likely, the reviews of the first buyers.


I know you’re joking, but… say he does that… he gives you your money back, and keeps your spot in line. Everyone else gets theirs. Your “spot in line” doesn’t exactly exist anywhere anymore. :slight_smile:

if it actually works. Lets see a video from start to finish of this functionality. Showing a picture of a final product is just not realistic at this point.

Hi @cgilchrist7,

If you choose to cancel, please go here. Glowforge doesn’t process requests through the forum.

As for me, I am going to wait it out. Given the ease of use and Proofgrade materials (to get me started until I learn more about lasers), the Glowforge is my dream machine. Also, I’ve seen, touched, and printed something on the Glowforge at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. IMHO, it’s pretty fantastic.


Look through the forum…talk to people who have actually seen it in action at the many maker fairs.
I got the opportunity to visit the offices in person, and tried it out myself.


I think @dawime was talking about 3d engraving. I havent seen it at the maker faire when I was there or in person, but dan said he would try to upload a timelapse video of it in action soon.

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Yea I already know that lol. I got that with the email the same one you

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Check out Adam Savage’s video

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In terms of [quote=“cgilchrist7, post:1, topic:3677”]
gaining interest
[/quote] on our money, I figure I’m roughly around 5% for my pro with filter.

Back at the first delay we were offered $150 in product in addition to potential future savings with 10% off of proofgrade and catalog purchases. $150 is 3.75%/year of my $4k. Now, we are being treated to at least $130 in product, with free catalog designs, and the potential for $20/month for delays reaching about 6-months. For about 18 months of delays, I’ll have received 4.66% interest in physical product. That’s definitely better than some accounts I have.


I did and even said it needs work. He basically saying what they want him
to say so he can continue reviewing items.

Do you work there

“He basically saying…”

Hmmm – a couple of questions you should probably ask yourself…

Do you know this is true?

Do you know absolutely this is true?

If the answer to either of these is no – flip it and ask yourself how you would feel if you flipped it and thought of the opposite. Then think of three things that support you thinking the opposite.

After doing this, see how you feel.

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Dizzy? (Sorry…just couldn’t resist!) :wink:


She doesn’t. I met her at Maker Faire, where I also got to print on a Glowforge, and poke at it and stuff. And meet a bunch of the employees.
My impression of @dan, when I met him, was that his end goal would not to be able to say “look how much money I made off of my idea”, but instead be “Look at how many cool things people have made with my idea”.

Have you looked through the beta_projects? That, the maker faires and the stuff from tested is all there is to go on for “reviews”.

Disclaimer: I do not work for glowforge.


As @takitus answered below, I am referring to some of the functionality that we have not seen.

3D engraving, printing photos, Pro alignment. - Show us videos of real time work. Not a timelapse, not a finished marketing picture.

Want to get people calm and back on board? Show some of the things that have been discussed, but not seen.

Check out my post. I did watch the video. Yes, there is a penny there, but we don’t get a good look at it. Where are the photo engraves?

Show us videos of engraving (that glowforge emblem - Print it out and show it in a video - lets see how it actually looks)

I am perplexed that why getting a refund (which you can do at any time) should also allow you to keep your place in line.

Could you give examples where that practice has been applied before? Was it for low dollar items or several thousands?

How would the people who chose to stay in line perceive their importance/happiness/value to a company or business because another got their original place in line without waiting like the others?