Not printing correctly again!

Once again my machine is not printing correctly. This happened earlier this week and after spending all day trying to fix the issue I finally got it to work (I restarted the machine numerous times, cleaned it thoroughly, cleaned lenses, etc, etc). After trying different things for several hours I got it to work. Now today I’m having the same issues again. I’ve turned it on and off several times, reloaded the site, cleaned the lenses, etc, etc. Why does this keep happening ? I can’t have this is I have numerous people waiting on orders!

It might help move things along if you post exactly what’s happening. :slight_smile: (I’m sure you’ve posted it before, but to save people from hunting down old threads).


Oh no, I’m sorry for the continued trouble @sweetsam30.

I responded to your other open forum post ( on Monday. Did you get a chance to work through those troubleshooting steps?

To simplify our communication going forward, I’m going to close your other forum post and email request.

We’ll continue to troubleshoot your Glowforge on this forum post.

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