Not printing on my acrylic the whole design?

It can be so nerve wracking to try to get a project done when you are just learning the machine and have a deadline with people counting on you. I have a suggestion to speed this project and maybe save your sanity. Choose a volleyball from the Glowforge library (maybe you did this) and score the lines rather than engrave. Engrave the names and cut the outline and small circle. Scoring will go much faster than engraving -MUCH FASTER and you won’t have to worry so much about the margin of the material.

Try something like this: (6.2 KB)


Hi @msdkh59. I’m sorry to see that you’ve had some trouble getting your design to print exactly as desired on acrylic. I see that you’ve been getting some great advice from fellow owners in this thread. @Jules and @dklgood left two great suggestions recently, and I wanted to see if they were able to help you get this printed now. Let me know if you’re still running into any trouble and I’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

Thank you for your help!

Thank you all for the great help and tips. I did get it to work thank you. :slight_smile: :hugs: :smiley:

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FANTASTIC! I’m so glad to hear that these instructions and help from the community allowed you resolve the snag. I’ll close this thread for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the future directly at if you run into any more snags. We’re here to help :slight_smile: