Not reading proofgrade

I just got my Glowforge and first time writing here, hope its the correct forum. Every sample material which came with the glowforge is not read by the camera. It always says unidentified material and i have to manually choose it. Also, the camera seems out of focus. Anyone else have this problem?

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Sometimes the glare from the LEDs or overhead lights can make the code hard to read. Have you tried shading the machine, or turning the piece 180 degrees?


Thanks for the advice, will try asap!

The lid camera might also be dirty. Take a close look and if it looks cloudy or smudged give it a cleaning.

thanks, it seems clean, but i tried shading the machin and it seems to work now. cheers


Thanks for your help @cynd11 and @evansd2!

I’m glad your Glowforge is successfully recognizing Proofgrade material. I’m going to close this topic. Please post a new one if you have any other questions.