Not receiving gift card/cash out emails

I’ve sent emails and have had no response. I wanted to find out how to get more referrals since my bar is full and find out why I haven’t gotten emails for two of my referrals. I had one available on the 10th and one on the 16th but I’ve gotten nothing about them. I’ve also gotten an email that someone used my link but my bar is full so it doesn’t show up. It normally doesn’t take this long to get a response.

Whoever runs the referral program is slow to respond. I’ve had it take several weeks to get something like this reviewed. Eventually they did, however. Until Glowforge approves you for more than 10 referrals, you will not see or get payouts for any beyond the initial 10. Referral payouts also take longer to receive than they did in the past, as there’s now a 35 day waiting period to ensure the machine doesn’t get returned before you get your gift card.

Thanks! Was getting a little concerned because it’s never taken this long to get a response from them before. I did know about the 35 day wait, and I have 2 that have since passed the 35 day wait period. I normally get an email right away, but haven’t heard anything at all. I guess I’ll try to be patient!

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