Not to seem greedy, but


The $20 per month GC, is it cut off in May because that’s when backers started receiving notifications, or is it specific to individuals, i.e. if I don’t get mine until the very end of July would I count June too or just stop at May? I can understand if you stop it all at once for everyone to make it easier, but was curious and taking stock.


Per the updates, etc, it cuts off when you get your email. That others are getting their Production :glowforge: does not affect your reward.


I think it’s a fair question.
I have no authority; but I do believe the apologies from @dan have been very individual and personal.
You might plan for your gifts to reflect the timing of your very own Glowforge.


Yes, he has answered this last night in another thread. Your email, your bonus bennies.


I didn’t see that post, and I don’t see it now…strange


No need to worry. The question is more than reasonable, and it has been answered for certain that it depends specifically on each individual’s email for their Glowforge, not when others get theirs.

That can also be found in the December Email, where @dan addresses the compensation for the delay.

In the original communication, “The gift certificate will increase $20 for each month you have to wait” is bold.


Once you get The Email, it stops accruing, even if you decide to delay shippment. Here is the exact wording:

A Proofgrade gift certificate of $20 per month that you’ve been waiting since the planned December 2016/March 2017 delivery date (measured until today, whether you accept or not)


I also didn’t see the post…likely in a restricted area of the forum.


Everyone knows that there is no spoon, and the cake is a lie. The most important information for this is in the December email, linked above, and Joe’s post.


Oh, if you mix your metaphors the way you do your genres you’ll do well here.


I keep a blender bottle for mixing metaphors.


Stop! I’m full on snorting now.


Now I am more worried about this Bigfoot type POST that was seen by one guy but not any others and now can’t be found. If it is in a “restricted” area, restricted how and to whom? If it was to the PRU people, why was it just to them?


The email I am referencing was the email sent in December to all owners. It is available in the forums, link provide above.


They are quotes from The Matrix and Portal. You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Referring to the markevans36301 post above [quote=“markevans36301, post:4, topic:7860, full:true”]
Yes, he has answered this last night in another thread. Your email, your bonus bennies.


Hey Jim, if you look at different user names/profiles you’ll see members have different status levels in the forum. (Look for “Regulars”.) The status isn’t just PRU folks, it really all just depends how active you are here. Sometimes posts occur in a category/area that less active members don’t have access too. It’s up to each individual member to post in those areas; GF doesn’t control what information is shared or posted there. The vast majority of time, important information or news is quickly disseminated to all users in the forum and everyone gets the same info. The bigfoot email is very real and markevans36301, Joe and others are sharing information directly from the original post. Other folks have come forward announcing they also received the same shipping email.

(Edited to add: I have always thought the term “Regular” is a compete misnomer. Most Regulars are anything but. lol)






It’s just like “Normal”, which is a setting on the dryer.