Not used forge for 8 months due to medical issue - question on making sure if safe to use

Hello, Due to a medical issue I have had my forge in the same spot that I used it in. I have had it unplugged and haven’t used it. I am wondering how to safely make sure that everything is still good to begin using again.

Please no snarky comments - I just want to make sure that nothing would have eroded or naturally deteriotated while I was sick before I start using again. I will be using proof grade materials at the beginning but if anyone has any great tips on how to do this safely that would be great!

Thanks all ~ bobbie

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Other than normal cleaning of the optics there is nothing that needs attention after a long period of disuse. I often don’t use my GF for months. If it was stored in areas of extreme low or high temperatures you might want to check for any fluid leak but that is not likely. Oh, and check to make sure your vent hose isn’t clogged by a mouse nest or something.


It should be totally fine :slight_smile: I’ve left mine alone for 6-8 months several times.

The first time you start it up it’ll probably take a bit longer than usual as it’ll be pulling down new firmware updates.


I am glad you are well enough to use your Glowforge again. I hope you plug it in and all goes smoothly. There is nothing inside the Glowforge that will erode or corrode or disintegrate, so get back to making. There have been improvements made to the interface while you were away.

Stay well.


it was good that you pointed that out. I wouldn’t have thought of that as causing a “slow cycle up” situation. I’ll have to keep that in mind when i fire up BEAMER this weekend. my first thought would have been. the dingalings at my ISP. LOL


thank you everyone! that’s why I love this group :slight_smile:


And when it does install updates, it just spontaneously reboots a few minutes after turning it on, which can be surprising.


Mine usually restarts for updates during or just after the (“tick tick tick”)⁴ process, about 20-22 seconds after powering on.

I usually go days or weeks between use so I typically get an update when I power it up.

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thank you - I have it in my office in my house so I shouldn’t have any of those problems and it’s great to hear that it can sit for long periods.

have a great weekend!

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