Nov 2018 Update


Happy November! We just finished Halloween and our team went laser wild. Our team’s personal projects ranged from outlandish headdresses:

To laser engraved pumpkins:

Of course, the most impressive Halloween creators are all of you.

Another Glowforge Celebrity

There’s a new celebrity Glowforge owner who’s been posting some amazing creations. You might recognize Amber from her time crafting (and clowning around) with Saturday Night Live’s Amy Pohler and Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman on NBC’s hit new show, Making It. She also has a dazzling DIY blog called Damask Love, where’s she been sharing her delight and discovery as she brings her Glowforge into her craft room.


Don’t miss Amber’s laser-powered Thanksgiving tablescape video - she makes absolute magic with a Glowforge at her side.

Follow Amber on Instagram for amazing Glowforge stories and videos.

Glowforge Certified to UL Standards

We’re delighted to announce that the Glowforge Basic and Plus have completed the process of being certified to UL standards by TUV (also known as NRTL certification). The Pro is still in process.

Critically, the only difference between NRTL certified units and previously shipped units are the labels. No design changes were required to meet UL standards. We know that can provide some extra peace of mind about the quality, safety, and reliability of your Glowforge for both new and existing customers.

We are building new units with different labeling. Those will be available as soon as we finish our stock of existing units. We’ll share the news in an update when certified units are available, and contact anyone who told us they needed to wait for units with NRTL certification.

Production Updates

If you’re waiting for an air filter or international shipment, you can read the latest in these threads, which have been updated with the latest:

Air filter update

International update

Customer spotlight

Data analyst David K always loved maps, but they’re usually two-dimensional affairs. He saw beyond that possibility and dreamed of a world where he could bring stunning worlds to life. He envisioned three dimensional maps stretching romantic Paris, France, to mind-boggling Hyrule, from the game The Legend of Zelda.

Every Glowforge customer spotlight means promotion, support, and $1,000 in credits. Would you like to be next? Keep printing, and:

  1. Tag your social media posts with @glowforge
  2. Include your referral code in your sharing.

You can find your very own referral link here:

Software Updates

We’ve been rolling out tons of features and bug fixes to make your Glowforge even better. You can read them all here. We’re particularly excited about Sleep mode, which lets your Glowforge go into extra quiet, low-power mode when it’s between prints.

And we’ve got more coming! Most software updates happen when you refresh your browser, but some require you to reboot your machine. If it takes a little longer to power up or centers the head twice when you do, it’s probably your Glowforge getting the latest software updates.

You can discuss this update in the discussion thread here.

We continue to work night and day to make your Glowforge do even more amazing things. We can’t wait to see what you’ll print next!