Discussion of the November 2018 Update

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Yeah, you’ve been saying that for more than three years now.


Gorgeous headdress! :grinning:

The way you’ve done this – by editing out last month’s update and replacing it with the new one – is confusing and obfuscates the history. You’ve got 130 comments to scroll through that no longer refer to the post that’s at the top, and there’s no clear demarcation of where the new comments begin. It’s also inconsistent with how the main update is done.


I am super upset about the delay for my Canadian Pro especially with single digit days on my countdown remaining.

I assume there is no chance to get a Plus with upgraded cooling? I could take or leave the pass through. I am just sick of waiting and as it stands I have no other laser options with a form factor that will allow me to fit it in my space.

It’s in the top (first) post. Click on the title from anywhere in the thread and it takes you to the top.

Hey @dan,

Great costumes! Any update on the “back-order” situation for the Pro or Basic. I have a few friends who are interested in buying, but are holding off since they are “not available”.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve always experimented with how to structure this stuff over the years, so this sort of feedback is really helpful.

I’m so sorry. No, while we’d be happy to downgrade you from a Pro to a Plus, that doesn’t have the cooling upgrade.

We’ve had record sales numbers so it’s been hard to get ahead! No news but still hard at work on it.

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Great to hear that you are having record sales! Congrats.


Amber from Making it should be in the forum… or is she already? Hmmmm…

Terry (not Amber)

@dan Can you update us on the Snapmark beta? I have a big project coming up that needs to use the pass through slot on the pro. I’m hoping to use Snapmark after reading a great post the other day about aligning multiple engraves/cuts using it.

No news - we’re learning a ton from the rollout right now.

Ok. I’m a big fan of the Glowforge but I have to say I am disappointed that it’s still incredibly hard to do pass through cuts and engraves. It was supposed to be “seamless” and easy if I remember right. If there is anything you can do to make this easier I would greatly appreciate it.

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I can tell you that the rollout is ongoing - I received beta access yesterday.

No, it isn’t. He edited the original post and replaced it with the new one. So the top post is from today, and the first 130 comments refer to a post that is no longer the one that’s there.



Most forums I visit will add “update:” and the new info at the top of the original post so you can easily read the new stuff.