Now for something completely different


So I just walked in from a brutal 12 hr work day and stepped on something kinda squishy… The room is dark and I simply don’t want to go back and see what it was. It felt pretty gross though, downright icky and squashy like… :footprints:


Eeep! :confounded:


Ignorance is bliss…except when it’s a squishy thing you stepped on in your house. You want to sleep with that thing in your house? :scream:


Well, it didn’t really move when I stepped on it, just kinda spread so I don’t think it’s going anywhere… I told hubby I didn’t want to adult any more and he said he’d deal with it when he gets home. He’s a good man :slight_smile:


LOL! Ok, as long as somebody removes the evidence, everything’s good.


HAHAHAHAHA So very true!


Hubby is home, he’s going in…We’ve taken bets on what it is…


Second time in a day I read adult used as a verb. I assume this is a thing? Two occasions make it hard to read, but I assume it has something to do with being responsible when you really don’t want to.


Yes, it means just as it sounds. Not wanting to deal with adult responsibilities :slight_smile:


So I hear the following coming from the bathroom…

What the…
is that an ear?!..
(bleep) no, I’m not touching it.”

Now he’s yelling at me that this one is all mine. It’s not helping that I’m laughing at him from the the other room and refusing to go respond or go help. He’s yelling at me to get a bag lol




Yup, a part of the human condition that most experience but now formalized with the verbing of “adult”.

It is funny how neologisms is sometimes hard to take and sometimes seem like they should have been part of the language all along and these are not the same for everyone. Adulting just seems natural to me even though I know it breaks the old rules or grammar.


And…and…dont leave us hanging…pics or it didnt happen…what was it??.!!! :fearful:


Dear Hubby will take care of spiders, bugs and a fair number of icky things for me; he does not do rodents. Especially ones that have been squished and gnawed on by dogs and then spat back out into a sad, slobbery pile of gooey fur. (Of course, some of that squish likely came from my foot (shudder) :mouse::rat::dog2::nauseated_face: I cleaned up the little mouse corpse with respect and he was given a final resting place.

I’m guessing this is the culprit as he is my mouse hunter extraordinaire. He does seem quite pleased with himself tonight too.


Sometimes you have to be a rebel and break a few grammar rules when a word just feels right. Personally, I think “adult/adulting” is worth the wrath of the grammar police. :smile:


I’ll be adopting it. I like it. Sorry about the mouse though. :slightly_smiling_face:


wow, that first pic looks like something teenage mice are shown in school to warn them about the dangers of the wide world. Sorry about your squishy experience… The dog does look pretty happy, though.


My two older recently adult kids use the word quite often…look mom, I’m adulting today…lmao…

RIP little Stuart mouse… Too soon?? :wink: :mouse:



GOOD BOY!!! Give him a snack :slight_smile: