Number of power levels?

Hi Glowforge! Just wondering how many power levels there will be for the laser and if this will be different between the 40W and 45W models.

If I understand correctly, this directly affects the detail we can get with “3D engraving” in a single pass. I know higher end laser engravers (like Kern uses) have 256 power levels to match standard 8-bit greyscale bitmaps and the resulting engravings look amazing. Curious how the Glowforge compares.

I know that multiple passes can be done for a similar effect but this would take longer and be of lower quality, would it not? Sorry for the long-winded question, really can’t wait to get my Pro model!

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I think I heard in of of the tested videos 256 but I may be wrong. @dan do you have an answer on this yet? I know greyscale is being worked on.

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I hear it goes over 9000.


Everyone’s a comedian. =P

I believe the software, firmware, and hardware will support 256 (well, 255…).


Thanks for the reply Dan!

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The pro model goes to eleven.