NZ Wood Turning/Makers Central Chess Set Auction

Not sure if anyone here follows nzwoodturning on YouTube but he also runs Makers Central and last week made a Knight chess piece and on the next ep/vid he announced a chess set challenge which would be auctioned off for charity.

So he asked for makers to come forward and help out by creating a chess piece of their own. Knowing that space would be limited, considering there is only 32 pieces on a chess board, and how popular Makers Central is, I instantly emailed Nick (NZ) and I got in. And not only that, I got to make my own Knight for my piece.

There were no rules really, just size restrictions and to be creative. So I opted to not do a standard horse head knight… no I wanted to do the horse and the knight with a sword and a shield. So after about 4 hours worth of designing and using the medium cherry, walnut and maple plywood and a little walnut veneer… this is what I came up with.

And of course, we could add our brand on the bottom of the piece…

I mentioned this before, but I’m just starting my own YouTube channel… not much there yet, but tons more videos to come and about 10 or so waiting on me to edit.

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Looks like a winner to me.


I really love those!


This is great! Nice details, like the sword and the shield with the extra layer. :crossed_swords:

It’s joust wonderful!:grin:


WOW! Do let us know when you’re ready to sell (and I do mean SELL) the plans for a full chess set design! That is absolutely amazing. Well done, Sir!


It’s a wonderful piece! You are setting the bar high for the other makers.




That looks great.

If you changed the shape of the crossguard a little and extended the length of the blade you’d have a lance. The key to being a good knight is accessorizing.


That’s a great design!


Really cool piece!


Oh that’s nice!


A delightful design and very creative. Looking forward to the other pieces in the set and to more videos! Thanks for sharing the pics.

There is so much energy in this piece. A great buildup of 2D parts to a 3D object.


Sorry to mislead you and others… but this is the only piece I will be making. The chess set is being made by 32 different makers… each making their own piece to complete the set. And Nick had already made a knight and has said he may be making the board as well.

While I have thought about making all the pieces myself as a separate project, I would have to start over and make a different design as I want the winner of the auctioned off chess set to have all one of a kind pieces. (Well 2 of a kind, I did make an extra knight for me) And I will not be selling the plans or svg for this piece.

I will post again, however, if I decide to make more, different pieces to make my own set.


I guess I didn’t put too much thought into the sword now that I think about it. My only concern was to get it to fit into his hand.

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That is Beautiful!!! If you really want to make some $$$$ for charity, sell the digital plan files to all the chess pieces!!!

I would be your first customer, especially if the other pieces are as creative as yours!!! Keep us informed if you decide to make digital files for all the chess pieces available for sale!!!

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this is wonderful!

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Booo! :wink: Totally understood. But ya got the skillz for real.

Looks amazing! Awesome job!

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ha ha… sorry… but thank you!

Though I did have an idea about having the King sitting in his throne since that piece doesn’t move much… thought that would be funny. The Rook on the other hand, no ideas there!

Again, this is the only piece I will be making and its only for the auction, which is hosted by another creator. No plans or svg will be available.