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Someone hold my hair I’m going throw up from excitement! Got the email today my Glowforge is being shipped!


Got My Forge today.


Congrats! Don’t do that! :smile:


When did y’all get the golden email (ie how long was the gap between email and shipping)? I’m heading out on vacation this week and keeping fingers crossed it doesn’t arrive while I’m gone!


Are you on UPS MyChoice? They’ll allow you to defer delivery for up to 10 business days.


I am on MyChoice and thought there was a delay option but haven’t done it before and not sure how it works. Once it’s shipped and I get notification it’s on the way, then I can instruct UPS to delay? Thanks for any info!


Somehow, somewhere in there. I’ve messed around with it before but don’t recall exactly how to get there. And surprisingly, I have nothing being shipped to me at the moment to verify the steps for you. Sorry!


Got the email today. I ordered on day 15. Says can take up,to six weeks for delivery


Got the Golden e-mail 10/2, Proof grade material on it’s way e-mail 10/10, Forge on it’s way e-mail 10/13. Got the proof grade material 10/13 & my Forge today. Kind of a short time line.


Wow, super speedy!


Once it shows in your tracking, you have the option to have them hold it at a UPS facility for you to pick up at a later date, deliver it to an alternate address, or deliver it on another day within 14 days of the original scheduled delivery. If you go into your account settings, there’s also an option for vacations. That may be better for your situation. You can set your vacation dates so they won’t deliver during that time period, up to a max of 14 days.

Experience with UPS My Choice Hold/Delay Shipment?



Your definition of speed is somewhat different from mine.

It’s been a little over 2 years.


Jeez. They were talking about the email to delivery time.


Great, thanks for the info. I’ll log in and set that up!

Edit: Went online to check out the options and I see I have a package coming on Tuesday from Glowforge! I’m assuming proofgrade package. . .




Pro or Basic? I ordered my Pro on day 15, but Glowforge says I should expect my email last Friday… I can’t wait (figuratively) until last Friday, I’m so excited!


Last Friday, the 13th? I’d be interested to hear when you do get your email, especially since I’m scheduled to get mine soon. Hope they’re not already falling behind their forecasts too much. Does your account page still say to expect notification then?


Interesting. I got my email on 10/2 as well. Got my proofgrade on 10/12, and not a whisper about my actual glowforge shipping yet.

Not sure what the hold up is, cause your story seems to be the norm.